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Hello and welcome to my website. Here you can find out more about what I get up to.

My interests and my work vary greatly. I've been fortunate enough to try my hand at writing both fiction and non-fiction, and each has its own challenges. Before you ask, I don't have a favourite, but I do enjoy them in different ways. I've always enjoyed writing and playing about with words, whether I was writing about history, folklore or mythology or creating my own stories.

It all began in earnest on a wild, windy and very wet day in West Wales, when I was visiting the ancient Gors Fawr stone circle. I was so inspired by the magic and mystery of the place and by all the people who must have visited the site throughout the ages, and soon enough the story that became my first novel, Celtic Maidens, began to form in my head. Celtic Maidens received a very warm public and critical reception in 2010 when it was published, which encouraged me to continue writing.

Celtic Maidens was soon followed by Serpent's Mound in 2012, which was also well received. For that novel the inspiration came from a rather strange and interesting local tale regarding Sutton Hoo and the discovery of its great treasure, as well as the beauty and history of the county of Suffolk. East Anglia, and Suffolk in particular, is home to a lot of fascinating myths and legends, many of which concern Dragons of some form or other and so the tale of the mysterious Serpent Queen was born.

I then spent some time working on some new and different projects which took me back to my love of folklore and mythology. As well as writing numerous articles for FAE Magazine, Avalon Magazine and other Spiritual Magazines, I decided to write longer pieces on the folklore of certain places and people. These ultimately became The Avalon Oracle which looks at the myths magic and monuments of Avalon in British Mythology, The Brighid Oracle which looks at Brighid's association with Augury and Faerie Forest which explores the folklore and legends of seven of Britain's most loved trees.

One of my other great loves has always been crime fiction and crime drama; even as a child I was always reading some crime novel or other. My taste range is quite varied; I enjoy both more gentile and the darker murder mysteries and a great deal in between. What I really look for is a good mystery, interesting characters and a powerful sense of place and I greatly hope that you will find these in my work too. I had always toyed with the idea of writing a murder mystery, but it wasn't until I got a few novels under my belt that I felt confident enough to try it, after all, crime fiction is a beloved genre and I wanted to give it my very best. The bleak and dark air of Noir crime fiction and drama appeals greatly to my love of the darker, more mysterious things in life. I soon found that the desolate North Essex coast, with its vast expanses of mud, water and sky, and very powerful, mysterious sense of place, perfectly suited my needs in terms of the setting. It was the murky waters of this part of the world that gave the book its title, Body of Water, because with the rich sediment in the water, it is very difficult to see what lies beneath the surface. Then it was time to find the characters and create the plot. Body of Water turned out to be noir crime with my own twist; it is still infused with the atmospheric descriptions and a little of the wry humour that my readers have come to love through my previous novels.

On these pages you can discover more about my love of, and fascination with, history, mystery and mythology. You can discover the places which have inspired Body of Water, Celtic Maidens and Serpent's Mound and you can read a little about the myths and legends that surround those mysterious and magical places. Enjoy!

I'm very supportive of local libraries, bookshops and moots. I am happy to do events, signings, talks, moots, festivals etc. Use the contact form to get in touch.

People often ask me what inspires me to write both fiction and non-fiction. With fiction, people often ask me: "Is it the people, the places or the plots?" In truth it is probably a little of all three, but the factor I notice most is that I am inspired by the power and presence of the places in which my stories are set. In some ways they are almost their own character... When it comes to my non-fiction work, then it is the subject that inspires me. Britain and Scandinavia have very rich and enchanting mythologies, filled with larger than life characters and ancient wisdom. We are also blessed to have so many amazing ancient monuments steeped in myth, mysteries and magic. I simply love writing about them, and allowing their history and mystery to flow through me and out to you, the reader.

Body of Water paperbacks are issued via print on demand, which minimises the use of paper, while the Celtic Maidens and Serpent's Mound paperbacks are printed on FSC mixed sources paper. All of my books, fiction and non-fiction, are also available as eBooks, which removes the need for paper.


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